Ilara Pain

You offer your patients individual and professional pain therapy? Then don't make any concessions when it comes to documentation either!

Together with our reference customers, the University Hospital Aachen and the Hospital Düren, we have continuously developed and optimized the software over the past years.

In many medium-sized and large hospitals, a so-called "acute pain service" is available. Numerous studies have shown that not only can quality be improved in this way, but economic benefits are also achieved.

Medical findings and therapies must always be documented, not only for quality assurance reasons, but also for forensic reasons. Our tried and tested "Ilara Pain Documentation", which is constantly being further developed, has been available for this purpose since 2007.

The software, which can be specially adapted to the needs and processes of the customer, not only allows legally compliant documentation, but also supports the efficient, guideline-compliant care of patients in the perioperative environment.

Individually designed interfaces are used to exchange treatment data uni- or bidirectionally with your hospital information system or patient data management system, e.g. via HL7, depending on your needs and existing hospital IT infrastructure.

Care providers often fail to document pain assessment and management

Ilara Pain helps you documenting your visits. Let digitization make medical care easier and more efficient.
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Round list

For optimal planning of the visit, a ``round list`` can be created and printed.

Statistics module

Statistical analyses can be used for scientific purposes or for quality assurance.

Open interfaces

Interoperability should be a basic requirement in healthcare. We support not only HL7, but also various other formats.

One-click visit

Our software prevents you from spending more time documenting than on the visit itself. For standard cases, documentation can be done with one mouse click.

Auto-generated text

You click, Ilara writes, taking into account predefined forensically correct formulations. In this way, a free text is generated, which is also used for running lists and treatment protocols.

Smart catheter features

The placement and removal of a catheter is bound to certain standard procedures. After removal, a neurological check must be performed. These specifications are automatically taken into account in Ilara.

''Thanks to our special software program Ilara©, we can print out a new list of all our current patients to be cared for every day and also read back the last visit in each case. This allows us to easily structure our daily work''
A. Mrozek Pain Nurse, Düren Hospital


Ilara is providing this list of (peer-reviewed) articles to help medical professionals understand the advantages related to our documentation software.