Ilara OR Planning

Anesthesia planning is a professional matter

Due to the high use of resources in the OR, process optimization on the part of surgery and anesthesia is absolutely necessary. Avoidable idle times should be prevented, and personnel deployment should be planned. Software systems on the market are mostly specialized in surgery and OR management, the special needs of anesthesia are often neglected.
Our OR planning software for anesthesiology not only supports staff scheduling but also takes into account, for example, anesthesiological training. Via freely configurable interfaces, our tool becomes a module that can be integrated into any IT infrastructure and enables interoperability. Together with our reference customer, the University Hospital Aachen, we have continuously developed and optimized the software over the past years.
Resident’s education planning
Planning of division senior physicians
Overlay of relevant surgical facts
Interface to HIS
Interface to HR planning

Planning process

Here's what the typical anesthesiology staff scheduling process looks like with us
  • 1
    Create a new plan

    Number of operating rooms and various properties can be customized in a matrix.

  • 2
    Import surgery plan

    Import of OR planning data via the existing interface incl. anesthesia-relevant characteristics.

  • 3
    Import of available HR

    Via an existing interface, the personnel resources available for the planning day can be imported and displayed.

  • 4
    Allocating anesthetists

    Area supervisors and anesthetists for ORs are assigned, as well as remote units, premedication, and pain ambulance.

Our software takes care of your anesthesiology staff scheduling - day in and day out.

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Planned anesthesia days

Convenient, process-integrated and reliable.